Manage Appointments

Learn how to post appointments (for unintegrated accounts only), and respond to pending requests on Everseat.

Turning on Browser Notifications

For Integrated Accounts:

Guide for Manage Appointments – Integrated

For Unintegrated Accounts:

Guide for Manage Appointments – Unintegrated

Wait List

Add patients to your wait list to notify them via text message when new appointments are made available.

For Integrated Accounts:

Guide for Wait List- Integrated

For Unintegrated Accounts:

Guide for Wait List- Unintegrated

Refer Patients

Learn how to send a referral.

Guide for Referral Tool

Note: The referral tab is available to select accounts. Please contact Everseat to learn more.

Manage Users

For larger businesses, choose specific staff members who will be responding to appointment requests and (for unintegrated accounts only) posting appointments. Select which providers and locations they need access to.

Note: If you do not have access to this tab but would like to, please contact Everseat to add it for you.

Guide for Managing Users – Adding and Editing Managers and Administrators

Manager vs. Administrator Permissions


Verify that all of your profile information is correct. This is where you will customize your account, add personnel, and locations.

Guide for Profile


Everseat sends updates and urgent notifications to the messages inbox. If you use the referral tool, you can also receive referrals without a specific date/time to this inbox.

Guide for Messages

Patient Approval Statuses

Confirm requests automatically, add specific patients to an auto-confirm list, and add specific patients to an auto-deny list.

Guide for Patient Approval Statuses – Auto-Confirming Appointments and Pre-Approving or Pre-Denying Patients


Add custom content to your appointment confirmation email and the “Invite Patients” email content that is sent to patients.

Guide for Communications

Manage Notifications

Send a one-time notification to a group of patients. This feature is useful for alerting patients of weather closures or changes to your schedule.

Manage Notifications

Account Settings

Make changes to your login information, subscription information, or notification preferences.

Guide for Account Settings


Set default information (name, notes, duration) about the appointments that you will offer through Everseat. Configure reminders, appointment questions, and colors for iframes.

Appointment Defaults Training Guide

Guide for Patient Settings, Appointment Questions, and Webapp Colors

Worksheet for Setting up Appointment Types and Appointment Questions

Guide for Custom Reminder Messages (available for most integrations, please contact Everseat before setting up)


Learn how to edit integration settings as well as adding and editing provider schedules.

Guide for Managing Integrations

Guide for Adding and Editing Provider Schedules

Guide for Adding Exceptions for Practice

Guide for Adding Exceptions for a Provider


Track your success using Everseat.

Guide for Analytics

Invite Patients

Invite your patients to book with you online with a basic introductory email.

Guide for Inviting Patients

Invite Providers

If you use receive referrals from the Everseat referral tool, you can invite additional referring providers.

Guide for Inviting Providers

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