Filling Open Appointments With Just a Few Clicks

Solving the Problem of an Unwieldy Waitlist With Everseat

The Challenge

Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons of Western New England, a practice of seven physicians and three locations, sees an average of 150 patients a day and books appointments about three to four weeks out. Although filling last minute appointments wasn’t incredibly time-consuming for the practice, it significantly interrupted workflow, and keeping track of a waitlist manually wasn’t convenient or proactive enough for the hardworking and assertive front desk staff.
To address the problem, the practice began trying different software and messaging services to replace the use of a waitlist. They found that waitlists within automated scheduling systems were cumbersome, and after trying one out, they realized it wasn’t the best fit for their practice. And the issue of unfilled appointments continued to arouse concern as reimbursements have declined, and out-of-pocket costs for patients have continued to climb.

The Solution

Now, instead of dealing with the inefficient waitlist process, the staff tells all patients looking for an appointment about Everseat.
Since implementing Everseat more than 12 months ago, the practice is experiencing a real difference in the way that open appointment slots are filled, according to operations manager Lisa Lessard. Everseat is simple for both patients and staff to use. Once patients download the free app onto their phones, they are notified whenever an appointment slot opens and can request the appointment immediately. Staff receives the request electronically and can fill the seat in seconds with just a few clicks.
The Everseat tool, “doesn’t wait for patients to check for availability,” she explains. “It tells them [immediately] when an appointment opens up,” she explains.

The Results

This proactivity has resulted in cancellations being re-booked much more quickly. For example, on March 2, 2015, a patient called to cancel an appointment. At 1:20:06 p.m., the staff posted the newly vacant slot on Everseat. It was grabbed by another patient at 1:20:28 p.m. — a mere 22 seconds later.
Patients can use the Everseat app to request any open appointment slot, not just those that become available due to a late cancellation. In that way, it simplifies the scheduling process for staff and patients alike.
Before Everseat, Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons of Western New England patients waiting for an available appointment would be placed on a waiting list and the onus of contacting them with an opening fell on the front desk staff. No longer. And the low cost of the Everseat tool means that even one appointment filled covers its cost for one month.

ENT Surgeons of Western New England office adopted Everseat to improve workflow within their practice and boost convenience for their patients. Partnering with a dynamic and accessible waitlist tool like Everseat has allowed for increased productivity and, most importantly, increased patient satisfaction. They have found success across their patient base, as the app is being used by a broad number of patients from mothers with young children to older adults in their 70s. The app has been particularly successful with hearing impaired patients, for whom calling to book or reschedule an appointment can be difficult, time-consuming, and even painful. Everseat offers a more comfortable alternative.
To date, Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons of Western New England’s patients have embraced the use of Everseat. According to Lessard, the tool has been a “win-win-win, for doctors, patients, and front desk staff.”


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